If you're looking for Debian/Ubuntu Package Management project SyPUM, Please head over to SyPUM Tab. Good news Project SyPUM was completed, and now has a lot of great features and looks. Check out the demo for SyPUM here SyPUM Demo

If you wish to head straight to the Advanced Icinga2 Plugin Checks Icinga2 Advanced Plugins

There are plenty of great projects here that I work on either during my vacation leaves, or my weekends. I intend to make this website so useful for visitors who seek Opensource solutions
I have also written some guides and tutorials for some of the common yet complex Linux projects, aiming to make everyone's life easier.

Please keep in mind that, while you can submit a form and ask questions, it becomes quite challenging at times getting back to everybody. But feel free to shoot me an email with your details, and I'll try to get back to you the soonest I possibly can.

Project Ultimate Configuration Manager is still in development stage, I know where things go blue with it, so check it out and pay attention to the options that aren't completed yet! It's an awesome project, The implemented functions work great, and still undergoing further development