System Package Update Managemet for Debian Based Releases


SyPUM mainly aims to be the complete alternative of Spacewalk for redhat based releases to Debian based releases such as Ubuntu. As of the now, only Ubuntu 14 and 16 releases are supported. Also not to mention that it is the first Opensource Project that provides that kind of service for Ubuntu releases. SyPUM is designed to be a fully Enterprise Solution for your company ... and best of all ... It's absolutely 100% Opensource.

SyPUM Dashboard

SyPUM has a lot of great features, that include: incredibly informational dashboard that give you an overall look of your systems and their statuses, with a detailed barchart representing Security Updates and Bug fixes for each server.
The Dashboard features:
1. Full view of your current Systems Patches.
2. Blue Box: Servers joined to SyPUM.
3. Orange Box: Servers with just Bug fixes and without security updates.
4. Red Box: Servers with Security patches, and vulnerability exploits.
5. Black Box: Servers that haven't checked in with SyPUM server in 24 hours.
6. Green Box: Servers that are fully patched.
7. Packages Box: shows all the list of possible Bug updates as well as Security patches on all connected servers
8. A double barchart showing each hosts updates status, with Orange represnting Bug updates, and Red representing Security patches

SyPUM Servers Joined

The List of Connected servers view, shows you all servers whether they do or do not have patches available. One of the best features in this view is ability to view Security Errata to help you identify the level of severity of possible security exploits

SyPUM Security Errata

SyPUM is also empowered with full Ubuntu Security Errata support.
the image below shows you what security package needs patching, and what's the currently installed version on the host and the latest available package for that host

SyPUM Detailed Host View

Sypum Also provide detailed Host view that allows you to to see at an eye blink a complete status of your server, like:
1. List of all Bug and Security patches available
2. Numerical representation of each.
3. List of all packages on the system and their latest available versions
4. Wether s system demands a reboot.
5. Last Check in time.
6. Control panel to allow Delete, Update and View Transaction logs.
7. View Security Errata for that host.

SyPUM Technical Features

SyPUM is designed to work smoothly with Ubuntu Systems, with minimal to no human interference whatsoever!
It feautures fully automated Self-Configure Client by taking care of all required configuration on your behalf. The System overall performs ultimately great requiring least amount of resources possible, wether on server side or client side.... let's have a look at the features SyPUM offers:
1. Client is basically a script running entirely in BASH ... which requires absolutely ZERO dependencies to be installed.
2. Client is capable of pulling any updates from the server without having to manually update it. i.e self-updating.
3. Client features version control, which allows you to use it as a global configuration manager, however keep in mind, this feature will be implemented on much larger global scale in the too near future.
4. Communication between client and server doesn't require any special ports, in fact it only uses HTTPS/HTTP based on your configuration.
5. No direct interaction between client and server, all communication goes over api calls, which then deals with the server.
6. SyPUM is 100% PCI compliant over HTTPS, for secured communications.
7. Unlike other available products, it doesn't require you to upload tens of gigs of package channels to provide you with updates. It requires absolutely nothing, to be able to work properly.
8. SyPUM can works in offline mode, and locked down enviroments without internet, however the only down side, is providing security errata, all other features will work without an issue.
9. SyPUM doesn't run as a daemon, rather a cronjob that triggers the client. and That's simply it!.
10. SyPUM requires substantially minimal configuration, to get you up and running.
11. SyPUM uses MySQL as it's database. No Support for postgreSQL, and no future plans to support it.
12. Fully Supports LDAP/Active Directory Auth, for Enterprise Enviroments.

SyPUM Documentation

Documenation Will be available soon

SyPUM is available on Github

SyPUM is available on Github ... Feel free to go get your copy and Get Started!
Get it here!

SyPUM Live Demo

SyPUM is Live Demo is now available to help better visualize what the platform looks like as on actual live enviroments ... Feel free to check it out .... send me a message using the contact form on my website if you run into any bugs or have questions.
Remember that SyPUM is OpenSource so it's absolutely Free to use under the GNU License v3.0
Guest Credentials:
Username: guest
Password: Hb7Fv4#cfVh7J
Live Demo

SyPUM History

SyPUM aka System Package Update Management is designed by Peter Malaty and is licensed under GNU License v3.0. It's available on github, and you too can use it. SyPUM is first opensource solution to provide a smart alternative of spacewalk for Redhat to Ubuntu.
SyPUM development started by myself while I was on a VL in Indonesia on the 18th of December 2016, where I spent over half my vacation leave working to bring about the ultimate core functionality of the program.
SyPUM had then made its way it Github under the GNU License 3.0.
Further visual development took place with Dan Tucny(My Manager) , and development continued where we added more exciting great features, improved visual effects and tweaked lots of bits in it. We coded more, and added more features that makes SyPUM unique, substantially smart, drastically lightweight and the fastest product compared to any other solution in the market for the same purpose and best of all it’s Opensource.